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    The fucking sound he makes kills me every time

    • Dan has never seen a plum.
  4. wow love how new google docs make it totally unusable this is a smart upgrade 

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    "Hatred" is a genocide simulator developed by Neo-Nazis


    ​Hatred" is an independent PC game by ​a group of Polish developers. In order to set it apart for promotional reasons, the developers have stated that they are committed to "pure gameplay", claiming that mass murder of civilians by an angry disenfranchised man is more "honest" or somehow free from political narrative, unlike other modern games.
    imageHatred is not apolitical. In fact, the opposite is true - it’s a game about glorifying violent racism and white supremacy. Consider the game’s trailer, which conspicuously lingers on the white protagonist brutally murdering and mutilating people of color.
    In this photo of the development team, we can see that one of the developers wears a shirt depicting a historical anti-communist military group (Żołnierze wyklęci, historically associated with the Freikorps) that is lionised by right wing extremists.
    Another team member, ‘CEO and Animator’ Jarosław Zieliński, has prominently displayed an endorsement on his public Facebook page of the Polska Liga Obrony: an established nationalist Islamophobic, anti-immigration hate group.
    Despite using registered marks held by the ESRB and Epic’s Unreal Engine attempting to legitimize their project, there is no working relationship between the studio and either organization. In a statement provided to Gamespot, Epic Games stated that “the video is using the trademarked Unreal Engine 4 logo without permission from Epic, and we’ve asked for the removal of our logo from all marketing associated with this product.”
    Journalists and commentators alike do the industry a disservice by obfuscating the developer’s racially charged political hate in deference to the otherwise well-trod issue of violence in games. In doing so, they are playing into the exact type of controversy its developers have sought to capitalize on.
    This story is a submission from one of our readers. If there’s an issue you think FNVG should cover, you can find our contact information on the About page.
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    I blew up that Applebee’s, man. I think I know what art is.
    — Brad on the Giant Bomb podcast 12/23/13 (via giantbomblr)

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    <17:38:25> “Harby”: the titty transfer is my favorite tonyhawk gap

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    The fact that there are people out there looking forward to Hatred just makes any ‘games are art’ and ‘gamers aren’t edgy douchebags’ arguments null and avoid.

    Like come the fuck on.

    The game is literally about a dude that just goes on a rampage to murder innocent people…

  9. any particular reason?

    In Utah you can pay people to kidnap your kids and detain them in Ex-Gay camps.

    Utah is an open carry state with stand your ground laws and has demonstrated that those rights are more important than the safety of people in non-general cases.

    Utah, by majority, is a Mormon state.

    Utah has bizarrely anachronistic pornography laws.

    I think there are more but those come to mind.

  10. States to never enter: Utah.

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    The idea that gamers are children who don’t know any better may be a bit misguided and, in a way, removes some responsibility.

    Children are not capable of the vile things adults are.

  12. The worst part of any stealth game

    "Can I make that jump?"

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    well im a tumblr 

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    I found some Awesome CDs at Goodwill today!